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Choosing the right tutor.

You have just received the school report and your fears have suddenly materialized. Your child is not quite doing as well and that has been in your mind for quite some time now but you still hoped that this term would be different.

You arrange a meeting with the school and so you see the lovely school teacher who reassures you that your child is doing really well at school but does not quite manage in English. You ask for extra support and the concerned teacher suddenly notifies you that due to government cuts, the school cannot offer extra support. So, then you ask for extra resources or extra lessons after school and the teacher tells you that this would coincide with another club they are running or that they would need permission due to some administrative tape or other. You ask them to look into some support ideas and they tell you that this might take a while…past your child’s exam date.

Then, you ask the dreaded question: ‘do you think I should get a tutor?’ and the teacher abhorrently looks at you as if you have two octopus sized heads with gigantic tentacles ready to pop out and you stand there like a mushroom waiting for an honest response. The teacher then responds with a 2020 cliche: ‘do not waste your money and wait until next term’.. and so you are seriously at a loss. You leave the meeting room and after some careful deliberation, you decide that enough is enough; that you would actually do something to help your child progress. Mama style.

You call your bestie and after a two-hour chat about all mothers at school, you get into the actual matter of the call and decide that you would ‘shop around’ for a tutor. You immediately search for a local tutor through a nationwide tuition agency that offers you a selection of tutors ranging from a 19-year-old student who tutors with the aim of paying their college fees to a University researcher who has been an expert in the field to an experienced retired teacher. And you end up looking at the screen…for a few hours. Because you just do not know what tutor qualities you are looking for.

And here it is. You are at a loss- again.

Well, let me tell you something. Choosing the right tutor has now become the outmost educational necessity to the latest fashion ‘thing’ to have-because your friend’s friend’s friend has one. However, once you recognize the need for extra support, and well done for that, the rest is easy.

First, you need to know that there is a difference between a tuition agency to a tuition company. Unlike other agencies out there who openly put tutors out in the market and parents pick like fruit on a Sunday stall, Tutor Supply carefully matches parents to tutors according to the pupil needs.

Secondly, where a tuition agency would charge you an introductory commission and leave the rest to an open communication forum with the risk of buying a tutor’s details and never to hear from them again, Tutor Supply carefully communicates with parents and selects the right tutor for you. We patiently listen to your concerns and work for you in order to source the right teacher for you.

Thirdly, please be aware that not all tutors are qualified teachers. Nope! Tutor Supply employs tutors who are qualified teachers and who have taught in schools or are still teaching in one. Our team of tutors is subject-specific trained and DBS cleared with excellent references. In fact, our tutors range from Early Years tutors to College and University specialist lecturers to Professors in academia. So when seeing that friend of a friend of a friend, be rest assured that you have the best support for your child out there.

Friendly personality, reliability, professionalism, accurate subject knowledge, progress, AND affordable national scale prices are what we offer within Tutor Supply. Our main aim is to support, develop and help students achieve all aspirations through bespoke tuition. Raising standards is our motto in an educational lacking society where educational standards are not a priority.

Feeling at ease, yet? So you should because we actually do care (and don’t look at you as if you’ve got two heads). So spread the word- help other parents find that one tutor who will actually help your child.



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