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Sacrifising SEN support for high paid bosses.

The DfE has struck again, only this time, to announce its investigation into high paid school moguls.

A recent announcement from the government to investigate of what seems to be a range of over 28 schools across the UK with salaries of over £150.000 has come to light this morning.

Some North-East schools, amongst which is none other than Southmoor Multi-Academy Trust, have come under the DfE’s radar of excessive salaried bosses. Dr. Phil Ingram, the CEO of Southmoor and Sandhill View Academy Trust is said to be amongst those to have benefited from the six-figure salary scrutiny.

Lord Agnew, Academies Minister, has written to schools in aim of publishing their figures ensuring that yearly wages match their job description. Concerns of mismanaging financial resources when schools are struggling to cater for the few have spiked the investigative purposes ensuring that overwhelming numbers of schools continue to progress with adequate financial resources. Lord Agnew stated that although the government is promoting the consistent progress of academies, it is also responsible of ensuring that academies are also acting appropriately and are held accountable for any misdemeanour where applicable.

But where does that leave local council-run schools and academies with less than half those figures available and a high percentage of SEN children on roll?

Current crisis figures of children with specific learning difficulties going through the schooling system undiagnosed are rising by the term whereas general school provision is drastically becoming a failing statistic. And while highly paid academy moguls are playing with monopoly figures each year, there is a number of children missing out on front line best of British education.

In addition to the catastrophic rising of apocalyptic school failings, homeschooling figures and private tuition numbers are consistently rising owing to each current school motto, ‘there is no funding’. Only this week, we have seen online reports of children not having a voice, malnourished children seeking lunch in school bins and desperate parents sourcing external assessment and support from out-of-school agencies.

Despite public announcement last month of schools receiving an extra £350k for SEN provision in 2019-20, Headteachers are rioting with dismay and urging a more efficient and effective long term solution. Although the DfE is willing to cater for the ‘more complex needs’ and even train more educational psychologists, Headteachers who have stated an alarming rise of 21% of SEN registered children in the last three years, admit it is nowhere near enough to cover school resources let alone health and care plans. But that is not enough as a recent study has seen a large amount of rising schools resorting to the exclusion of SEN students or off-rolling students in their attempt to escape provision.

Yet, while all this is happening at a staggering pace, the government insists that academies are consistently making rapid progress and cater adequately for all children. While high paid bosses in charge of funding distribution are mismanaging school resources, SEN children and parents are finding themselves in a manic despair with mental health difficulties arising by the day and no one to provide a helping hand.

When will this end? The DfE investigation continues…