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Tuition rises in the UK.


There is always a price to pay for any worthy cause and education in this modern era ultimately does not come at a cheaper rate. It begins to fog the mind of any rational individual whether education is just meant for the elite with this colossally increased need to gain knowledge. The standard of living in the UK is an issue. The advancement in civilization comes with a price to pay. With the advancement in technology, it is not surprising that almost all of our daily routine is programmed, from the bed we sleep on to how we treat diseases; the life of the modern man is fraught with technology. The educational institution is not left out; it glows and radiates with digitized boards, personal computers, and a host of computing paraphernalia. With all these gadgets and facilities present, education has taken a new dimension and it comes at a very large price that becomes too exorbitant for some to afford.

Is this rise in tuition good for the public? How does this affect the masses with minimum wage? To answer this, we are left in awe as this gives the best explanation of how the under waged feel. Imagine your child not being able to attend school to gain the necessary knowledge. How bad is that? Regardless of this, there is still a rise in tuition fees. One of the causes of this is greed. The need to have more. While others have a good reason behind this, other educational institutions just feel the need to increase tuition fees to meet their yearly quota.

Tuition is at an increase because of inflation. There is a general increase in the cost of living, which has allowed fees to accrue and compound. Every student of economics knows that continuous rise in price creates a seller’s market that offers the consumers little or no choice. Inflation is socially harmful as it widens the gulf between the rich and powerful. Another reason for tuition rise in the UK is capitalism. The urge to gain more is inherent in the most individual like Oliver Twist man is gluttonous in his quest to succeed. This gourmand like attitude is what leads to hiking in prices of tuition, food substances while capitalism exploits the resources of the common man, leaving him penniless and without a dime. Capitalism results in an elitist society.

The good side to increasing tuition fees is for proper maintenance of school facilities and to ensure students are well provided with the essential equipment needed to instill knowledge. Since then criticism had been passed regarding the increase of tuition fees,  universities have been allowed, more like permitted to increase their fee as they so please leaving students unable to pay in full in debts. It was recorded that students schooled in the UK have been known to graduate with more debt than any other native English speaking country. We hope that with this increase,  there is still hope for the children of the average man in the UK to still be able to afford tuition.