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Tuition as an alternative education

The idea to tutor students in a place other than the formalized setting of a classroom is borne out of the exorbitant price in school tuition, the enormous gulf between the rich and poor and a variety of other issues. Right from when we were birthed into the world we were tutored by our parents, the concept of tutoring is not a strange thing. In fact, it is how we were nurtured and cultured.

 With the upsurge in academic failures, parents are becoming concerned about the progress of their children in schools. Home tutoring has garnered a lot of proponent because of this educational malaise ravaging society today. Home tutoring allows the student to learn at a pace that is well convenient for both student and teacher. For individuals who find learning in the classroom quite onerous and dyslexic students, the home affords the student the assurance and required ambiance to learn in a familiar setting. Research has shown that the warmth and love of family members can help a student learn well. The school that the child attends first is the family. If the family is the incipient class of a child it is then apt for studying.

Tutoring allows for a more experiential interaction between the teacher and student. It allows the teacher to fully understand the strength and weakness of the student. Studies have crisply shown that home tutored student out ace their classroom counterparts because of the all-inclusive teacher and student rapport.

Tutoring guarantees the progress and development of the student. Home schooling should be embraced by all.

Living in an era that is condensed with information and the internet oozing with a plethora of information, learning has become simple with just a click of a button. For any curious student, the internet is an ocean of knowledge to learn from; all you need is to just get connected. Lots of videos, articles, seminars, all that you would have been taught in the classroom is available on the internet with just the touch of a button. All that is lacking though is personalized tuition and guardianship. Yet, is it as effective as the personal instruction by a living tutor?

Home tutoring is on the rise and it is important we see the merits of home schooling. It is affordable, cheaper, saves the student from societal misdemeanor and gives learning a familial taste. The tide is coming and everyone should sail on it.